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Drawings, or poems, that randomly pop into my mind. ^^


I fave things, on a few reasons:

1)To Silently support the artist.

2)To look for those that draw old cartoon/video game related artwork.

3)If it's drawn/photoshopped/ well.

^^; Humble I am, Humble I look. :)


Hey guys and gals! 

It's been a while since my last journal. An update is in order I suppose!

First thing! I GOT A JORB!!!! :icongoodjorbplz: I now work at Sears. xD It's...a job but it's nice to make money again. xP

Nothing really has been happening much but eating/sleeping/and breathing work. ^^; aaaaannnnnnnddddd Roleplay, but's that's a whole other story entirely! :movingon:

I have been buying some games though. :3 Mostly for the 3ds. My two current titles are:

Kirby:Triple Deluxe


Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Hey I like Kirby games! Of course the last one I played was for the Super Nintendo xD but I'm having some fun with the Kirbster in his newest game. :3 Using my ultra powers to suck up large monsters and things! :iconkirbyplz: It's amazing how crazy the tiny pink guy is. WHERE DOES ALL THAT STUFF GO!!! OAO!? 

Hammerspace probably. :iconawesomefaceplz:

It's a blast honestly, I'm almost done with the game. :3

Animal Crossing :NL is really fun too. I've played both the other games, but I'd have to say this one is my favorite. I love how you become mayor. xD the beginning was hilarious. You step out of the train station and the animals are like "HAI YOU ARE MAYOR YES!!!" XD The Secretary dog girl is adorable too. ^^ This game is so cutesy xP lol

Oh those silly animals will rue the day they made me mayor :p XD lol jk AC games are very relaxing, it's nice to play something relaxing for a change.

OH and I guess there's going to be a new Pokemon game out in november!? O_O A remake of Ruby and Sapphire!? XD yay!! Can't wait for that, of course I can't wait for the smash brothers games to come out either. :3

it's going to be so awesome playing as Little Mac from Punchout punching all the people's faces in with boxing gloves XD He'll probably be a character I use a lot, of course Mega Man too. >.>; XD I'm curious to see how that will be! :D

Oh that reminds me, if you want to come hang out with me in my town on AC then here's my 3ds friend code:


Hmmm...well that's all I've got. :3 I'll try to be on more to update my journal and stuff. xD

Random Video Time:

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  • Playing: Game Games!
  • Eating: cookie's and cream ice cream
  • Drinking: vanilla coke


A Teller of Tales
United States
Greetings! I've always felt like I'm a storyteller. My mind full of ideas, full of forgotten or lost stories that no one knows about yet.

Stick around and maybe you'll get to read a few. ^^

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