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Drawings, or poems, that randomly pop into my mind. ^^


I fave things, on a few reasons:

1)To Silently support the artist.

2)To look for those that draw old cartoon/video game related artwork.

3)If it's drawn/photoshopped/ well.

^^; Humble I am, Humble I look. :)


(saw a couple artists do this, thought it was interesting.)

I joined DA in 2006. At the time I was really excited at first, because I got into drawing. I made a couple friends, two that hardly get on now but are two very nice people. Over time I improved a bit, met a couple other artist/friends on here. Somewhere along the line I got into WoW, so I was off and on.

Then a girl happened, a girl that shattered my heart, world, and really killed my desire to be creative. I lost my desire to draw, I figured why bother? Most people don't really care about scrubs like me anyway. To this day I haven't really improved much, I haven't really practiced. I just can't get into it, maybe I was never good at it at all. I make friends on here, but after a while get pretty much forgotten. ^^;

I've always wanted to make my own comics though, for fun, but I don't know if I'll ever do that. People aren't interested in a wash up like myself, my story is a bit bittersweet I guess. I'm not on here much because of the coldness this website has given me. Maybe I'll pick up drawing again? Maybe not. I dunno honestly.
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A Teller of Tales
United States
Greetings! I've always felt like I'm a storyteller. My mind full of ideas, full of forgotten or lost stories that no one knows about yet.

Stick around and maybe you'll get to read a few. ^^

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